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That Will Help You Save Strokes

The simple strategies in this FREE guide will teach you how take back control of your game

Are you ready to improve the quality and consistency of your thoughts?

Inside this free guide you will discover the five best ways to think about and conquer the challenges you commonly face in golf.

Learn how to...

  • play SMART golf
  • QUIET your mind with a single swing thought
  • plan a WINNING shot
  • focus on the things you CONTROL
  • and play in the POWER SEAT of your game

In each easy-to-read section, I give you a targeted strategy to shift your thoughts from clutter to clarity so you can save strokes.

Let's lower your score!

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Dr. Shannon Reece is a sports psychologist and founder of Training for Optimal Performance. Through private and group coaching in-person and online, Dr. Reece has taught thousands of golfers of all levels how to improve their consistency from tee to green using her step-by-step system. On average, her clients lower their handicaps by 5 strokes or more and are having a lot more fun playing. A graduate of the University of Virginia's master's and doctoral Sports Psychology programs, Dr. Reece had the opportunity to study under Dr. Bob Rotella. Her passion is teaching golfers how to leverage the power of their mental game tools to consistently perform at the top of their game. If you are ready to start playing rounds worth bragging about contact Dr. Reece at 239-431-6810 or visit her website at